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About Me


After working many years for Facebook as a Marketing Expert serving the UK Market & South African Market, wokring directly with Small and Medium Business and Digital Media Advertising a like, I've decided to create William Social Media in early 2018, Been helping and servicing clients from all over the world achiving success online.

At the moment serving Portugal where I live, South Africa and the UK but of course always open to help anyone outside these 3 main countries I operate in.

My Mission

It Is simple and very straight to the point - Make Difital Marketing Accessible for Everyone (Businesses). With better, competitive pricing, I'm able to bring the best out of every business and make that Digital Marketing accessible even for the smalles of businesses or ideads.

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My Vision

As an ex Facebook Marketing Expert, I've decided to open my own Agency as a Freelancer and help even more businesses get their success online. Think Big - Dream Big - Work even harder.

Meet the Team

I'm a one man team, but very strong and full of knowledge and discipline.

William Miala


William Silva Miala


Will S. Miala


Quality Services

Always deliver work with the highest quality.

Project On Time

All project are delivered on time, sometimes even before.


If you're not creative in this field, you're losing out on opportunity.

24/7 Support

You can always count on me for support, even after hours.

Make Your Business Better Bigger Faster